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Timber facts - Just how big is the timber industry?

Around 30% of the world’s land mass is covered in trees.

In the UK, the timber industry will consume 26 million m3 of timber.

That includes: 18 million m3 of softwoods, 2 million m3 of hardwood and 8 million m3 of panels. The amount of softwood used in the UK every year equates to 400,000 large lorry loads.

That’s a stack the size of Wembley’s pitch that would reach 2.25km into the sky. Imagine that.

Manufacturers’ sales amount to more than £7bn in the UK each year.

More than 140,000 people are employed in the wood-related industries.

Timber fun

Try your hand at the Centre for Timber Engineering’s wood-based version of the classic card game Top Trumps - Timber Trumps.

UPM-Kymenne’s Forest Life website will give you an insight to the world of Finland’s forests from the comfort of your own home

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